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How can we change the way the world “works” to effect sustainability, peace and plenty?

That the Earth needs saving is beyond question, with wars proliferating and oceans, rain forests, entire species expiring.

We have the potential answer!

It involves a global governance model which includes 4 chosen students from every country in a three year governance course taught by the most prominent thought leaders in the world, and is abetted by a new phenomenon, VOTE (Voice of Today’s Everyperson) which utilizes the world wide web along with a corps of boots on the ground information ambassadors for the hinterlands, to create true and total democracy across all national borders.  These bonded presiders will work to bring about what they learned together at UPNOW University, to effect; DISARMAMENT, DE-MILITARIZATION, CLIMATE STABILIZATION AND MANY OTHER IMPORTANT EARTH RESCUE CAMPAIGNS.  World Change awaits!

Greetings and welcome to the JAGUAR AMBASSADORS GANG Foundation site.

JAG is a Colorado 501-c-3 non profit specializing in Earth Rescue (hint; it REALLY needs it) via our children focused educational outreach, Wild Spirit Parades, and our World Changing global governance model, UPNOW University.

Read our model here.

YOU can help, if you will, by taking a few moments to check us out, sign our petition to Leonardo and do your thing on social media to generate buzz that can swarm around the planet to then effect DISARMAMENT, DE-MILITARIZATION, CLIMATE STABILIZATION, OCEAN AND RAINFOREST REVIVAL, SPECIES PRESERVATION, plus all manner of Commonwealth for all beings.

These, indeed, are heady proclamations, and absolutely doable if YOU help out.

We are looking for someone to endow the university so we can initiate our WORLD CHANGING Earth Rescue movement. Please consider donating to this most magical phenomenon.

Sincere and loving thanks.

NOTE: if you are here via the failed Global Challenges Prize, or desire to get involved in our Global Governance Campaign, please click here.

 Read about our Wild Spirit Parades

Thanks to all of you, these are, indeed, mighty times.


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Please take 10 seconds to click in your name on our petition to Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio to be our spokesperson.

UPNOW University is inviting Leonardo DiCaprio to become our Spokesperson. Please sign our petition to invite Leo to help us create a more peaceful, and sustainable world.

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