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The Jaguar Prize

Presented by the Jaguar Ambassadors Gang, a Colorado 501-c-3 non profit foundation, the Prize is for the best submission crafted to effect a global governance model which will effectively address all the challenges on the planet and to upgrade the experience of life on Earth for not only homo sapiens, but for all beings who share this miraculous ride with us, including flora and eco systems. Due to our deadly, selfish, and fear based stewardship we have put the entire planet at risk. JAG plans to turn this around.

I have been involved in environmental efforts for the last forty years and have developed a model for global governance that addresses, and cures ALL of the challenges upon the planet.

My model, and that of my co-author, were summarily rejected by the Swedish Global Challenges Foundation, along with a lot of other worthy entries. They sponsored a contest for global governance which was almost totally disappointing. The fourteen finalists chosen do not appear to bring anything new or revolutionary or even feasible to the table. Hence the Jaguar Prize to find a true model and then effectuate it. We thanks the GCF and Mr. Laszlo Szombatfalvy, nevertheless, for enabling our Prize.

The Jaguar Prize will need some time to finish designing and fine tune, but for now please have faith that it is underway. I invite anyone to read my model and, if interested, to get in touch to help with the foundation’s outreach energy – to achieve some viral attention to this most urgent mission. The vision of the Jaguar Prize is to collect, from all over the world, either completely different models or additions to UPNOW to make the chosen model the best it can be. This is a One World work of caring, of vision, and of Love.

Voting, unlike the Swedish way with “judges” from around the world determining what, in their opinion, would be the best, will be absolutely democratic with one email address getting one vote.


Submissions from now through December 2018.

Selection of top ten models to be published on the website for perusal and voting – March 1, 2019 through 1 July, 2019.

Conference and Prize awards to the four finalists at Estancia Ranquilco ( Thanksgiving – 25 November, through 30 November 2019.

Submission guidelines; No more than 7,000 words total with a mandatory synopsis at the beginning of no more than 700 words. Author biography with photo to be included. Entries may be complete models or additions/upgrades to our UPNOW model.

Prizes; we will be fundraising to provide cash prizes. We will publish the amount of the funds raised as they come in.

Note; anyone out there who can pitch this to potential funders can receive 10% of monies raised. Jaguar Ambassadors Gang is a Colorado non profit foundation, 501-c-3. JAG to provide airfare and hosting at the estancia for the finalists.

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