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Video contest

chameleon owl

Photo: Graham McGeorge. Source: NG Traveler Photo Contest

Welcome to our WARPer video page. We hope you will enjoy our first take at sharing the WARPer disdainment campaign and also that you will consider sending in some videos of your own.

Thank you for your interest in JAG and protecting our planet. We are running a video contest with a $1,000 dollar grand prize and a free week vacation at Estancia Ranquilco in Patagonia, Argentina 


Make a fun video about protecting the planet, conservation, disdain for over consumption, living simply, and flash the WARP symbol!


Thanksgiving Day


On or before Christmas


Video under 5 minutes, must show WARP symbol (*note the approval symbol is with the palm facing outwards. different than in demo vid), email the link to the video to this email and tag WARP.

GOOD LUCK! and please share this contest!!

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A message to the world from the Argentine Patagonia

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