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Proposal to Facebook/VOTE

An Invitation to Mark Zuckerberg and His Team for a Facebook Facelift

As representatives of the human stewardship of this so precious Earth, we invite Mark Zuckerberg et al to enfold our offerings into the Facebook platform and through it make an immediate and profound difference with Earth Rescue and World Governance efforts. This leads, not only to protecting the precarious and perilous state of global climate, but also to ultimately ending wars and using the immense monetary energy thus released for responsible good and well being, not only for our species but for the entire planet.

Since the early ‘70s we have worked in the growing environmental movement to  dramatically reduce our collective carbon footprint. Most of our work was local or regional, and some of it global. In 1977 we founded Island Press (, arguably now the world’s foremost environmental press.

Today is a new day. So much has changed both for the better and the worse. In overconsumption, horrific waste, environmental degradation, and climate change, we see the accelerating damage done by greed-crazed humans in pursuit of more and more of whatever they suppose is their golden dream. We see our planet choked and reeling. We see species rapidly disappearing. We see whales starving to death as oceans acidify, and we feel deeply that we must do all we can to rectify these challenges.

We see as well the revolutionary changes in communication provided by the newest technologies and the companies with the vision to take advantage of them, for the good not just of their corporate interests (bottom lines), but also our human needs.

One of our responses to the urgency we face was to create the Asset Sharing & Sustainability Klub (ASSK;, as a contribution to, and facilitation of, the new sharing economies arising across the globe. ASSK is a venue for sharing household and other assets, with the goal of lessening the First World overproduction and overconsumption that have so grossly contributed to environmental pollution, ecosystem destruction, and rapid climate change. We are offering to give the entire company; all its intel, website, logo etc to Facebook, as we salute them for being arguably the world’s foremost potential power in terms of outreach and vision. Under their guidance ASSK will flourish and will provide a wonderful and much needed forum for sharing.


The principal feature of ASSK is VOTE (Voice of Today’s Everyperson), a meeting-place for all world citizens to become the world’s next superpower, thanks to the outreach of the Worldwide Web in general and Facebook in particular. Through VOTE, we, Today’s People, will tell world leaders how WE want them to govern, with demilitarization and environmental consciousness at the forefront—common sense will engender common wealth. War will become archaic.

Below please find a fuller explanation of VOTE and how Facebook can revolutionize the way We the People can be heard and respected.


Getting Out the VOTE


VOTE (Voice of Today’s Everyperson) is a grassroots forum designed to bring the voices of all sentient humans into the awareness of those who set laws and make policies. It bypasses elections purchased by corporate interests, stands in where no democratic voting exists, and reaches out to those too young or old to “qualify” to have their voices heard. VOTE will allow all of us to frame, discuss, and understand governance issues, and then inform our various governors how WE want them to do their jobs.

From our very DNA, to commonsense commonality, to the tenets of various spiritual practices, and to thousands of songs and poems and to voices heard from the past and, yes, future, we humans know we are all one (our world, One World), despite the artificial, man-made boundaries of nation-states, spoken languages, political and religious institutions. Everyperson is expressed in each of us. It has always been so.

Yet in the whole of human history, the ability of Everyperson to communicate with brothers and sisters across the globe has been severely limited, following the jagged lines of the rise and fall of empires and civilizations. In the 20th century, travel became more available and more affordable to many, and our knowledge of one another increased dramatically even as war after war wreaked havoc upon us, and the worst of the Industrial Revolution led finally to the gruesome degradation of the environment on which all species depend.

In this new century, though wars, oppressive governance, greed, pollutions, and the extinction of various species continue unabated, there is good news too. These past 20 years have seen the wonder of the Worldwide Web and the subsequent rise of social media. From tribes to neighborhoods to city streets, the voices of Everyperson have always been circumscribed. But now comes a new day, a new dawn, brought to us by visionaries and by technological engineers, architects, wizards, and craftspeople.

One result of all this innovation and the recent availability of affordable ways to connect to the Web is that we can collect, combine, and share the multitudinous voices of Everyperson, thus empowering the voice of the Cultural Creatives etc. We know that our data is being collected and shared in nefarious ways by those who would spy on and oppress us. But we can use the same means to promote, at long last, the voice and will of Everyperson. The Web in general and social media in particular offer the paths by which we can connect to, and communicate with, others of our species nearly anywhere around the globe, and therein lies a power greater than that of any institution: governmental, religious, or otherwise.

Through VOTE we can change the way the world of humans works by changing how governance decisions are made with respect to all denizens of the planet and by bringing to the fore the need for dramatic and sustained change as environmental degradation severely threatens the Earth’s ability to sustain life, and wars continue to shame our species.


How VOTE Works


We anticipate that our corporate partner will revise the ASSK website to facilitate local, countywide, statewide, nationwide, and then worldwide VOTE forums. We imagine that they would want to create a beta test in a defined area, say, California. They would then break the area into regions, each with an appointed manager in charge of fielding requested referendums and posting them on the appropriate areas. He/she will then manage the commentary period, to then conduct an online vote followed by a submittal to the governance group involved in the legislative piece. Governors will tend to respect the voice of Everyperson—indeed they are the electors. Everpersons far outvote corporate puppeteers.

It is that simple. We feel that many will join the ASSK enterprise specifically to participate in the referendums and commentaries, knowing that their VOTE actually counts and will help change the way the world works.


Jaguar Ambassadors Gang (JAG)


We have also recently created a multifaceted movement called the Jaguar Ambassadors Gang (JAG;, a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization dedicated in part to giving kids a say, as to the world their children will inherit, via Extinction Parades. Additionally, this ambassadorial voice will speak both for the extinction-threatened species that share the Earth ride with us and for the very ecosystems we have put in peril’s path.

We are both serious and fun-loving, and are aprowl for the right corporate partner with sufficient vision and well-established worldwide outreach. So we invite Facebook to accept, develop, and promote this alliance. In return for the gift of ASSK and VOTE, we ask that Facebook ally with and support JAG with an initial grant of $1 million dollars. We offer Mark, “Z”, and FB an exclusive 50 day window to complete a deal, and invite a team to come to Patagonia, our extensive estancia (see, in the magical surround of deep Nature, to finalize plans.


POWER (Presiders’ One World Earth Rescue)


POWER (see the JAG site), via the generous support of our corporate partner, will be efficiently facilitated to ensure proper and progressive world governance. VOTE and POWER will work together to guarantee that Everyperson is referenced, and empowered, as the world’s next superpower, finally utilizing common sense, common cause, and common voice to effect commonwealth on Earth.

POWER invites all the world’s nations to send four of their best and brightest to a four year university to study as a team, cooperative, peaceful, and progressive world governance. The best scholars in all the relevant disciplines will teach, both as permanent professors and guest lecturers. Emphasis will be placed on ending war, helping the marginalized with food and water, preserving natural diversity, and promoting environmentally responsible behavior. Every year free books, both electronic and hard copy, will be distributed in all languages so that the electorate will know how this Team will provide an immeasurably enhanced life experience. Election will be guaranteed.

Only a handful of humans want war; no other species seeks it. Through VOTE and POWER, presiders will demilitarize and then use the immense funds thus liberated to provide true common wealth for all the world’s people, along with environmental responsibility, so as to reverse today’s murderous trends. The world will change for the better. Facebook will warp into World heroism

Full details available on and, and supportive books at

Thanks for your consideration,

Everyperson, reps thereof


Here is our Proposal to Facebook; You scratch our back…


We will give in its entirety to Facebook with the agreement that they will exert best efforts to promote and host the Asset Sharing & Sustainability forum at least in the United States and Canada, and manage the VOTE campaign to the best of their ability.

In return we ask that they donate a million dollar grant to JAG, our 501 (c) 3 non profit organization, and furthermore support us at the same level, or at 10% of perceived net profits attributable to the inclusion of ASSK in their business model, whichever is greater (tbd by independent agreed upon counsel), for a period of ten years.

If Facebook should decide to terminate this agreement after the first year, they may do so for a one time donation of seven million dollars to JAG.

Facebook is offered first rights of refusal on the Proposal until 14 February 2015, for an initial donation of $250,000 to JAG. All donations are tax deductible.

We know that Mark and Facebook have been far, far more generous in their giving – almost a million times more, and salute both their vision in developing such power, and their generosity. That we ask a relatively minor level of support for JAG is because we are an on-the-street Gang and do not spend on offices etc, though, of course, any donation will help us speed our message along.


 A  Letter to Mark From Ashley


Good day Mark. I wanted to address you personally on a couple of fronts; the first being to encourage you to give the Proposal, which is under separate cover, some happy consideration, and the second being to invite you to come on down to partake in the magic of these Patagonian lands which have so hugely and wondrously enhanced my life experience.

So the Proposal – well, you are super visionary and would possibly disregard my promptings and promotings…still, I feel the urge to suggest that you open to my vision here. Whereas the Asset Sharing piece is becoming more and more commonplace as it is increasingly understood the importance for environmental, climatic, and communal well being, the VOTE concept is, in my opinion, of positive revolutionary value. It is a world changer.

I chose Facebook and you because of your proven outreach power, and now invite you to amp up both environmental responsibility and Earth heroism to have your platform serve as a means to effect de-militarization and make war archaic. This can be done – many have been calling for it, and it will also be fun. Don’t know how you feel about “fun” – it is a cornerstone of my life, largely enabled by my 40 year experience of living in these lands of deep and inspiring magic.

To which I invite you. A couple of options; come on down with your family for a vacation, or bring down your best Team – say a dozen or so, and we can have a brain and heart sharing.

Ranquilco is a world unique energy – 100,000 acres of river and mountain magic. We call our lodge a happy combination of “rustic elegance” with a feeling of home. I bought it in 1979 because of its rivers as I was semi addicted to fly fishing. It is beyond all roads – a three hour horse ride, though a 4×4 can crawl in. We have homebuilt suites, a river sauna, a funky swimming pool, and a nice round table conference room/dancehall which we fashioned out of my old squash court. We have eons and leagues and magics of deep Nature.

I don’t know how to express well what my continued use of the word “magic” means down here, though I assure you it is a Power Point on the Earth, and has inspired me to both fine tune my enjoyment of the creation, and has also spurred the invention of these visions.

I don’t know much Mark, but I sort of consider that there is nothing more important to attend, these days, than addressing the environmental and climatic challenges which we have brought upon us. I married a major heiress in the seventies and founded a foundation, Island Press, and a Silicone Valley high tech window insulation company (highest R value in the world), and have been doing what I can to effect Change – along with my chosen field of “Enjoying the Creation”, ever since.

You might enjoy checking out the world changing POWER page shared in our website, Briefly, it proposes establishing a world governance university – graduates to be supported by yearly books written in every language informing how, by working together to effect de-militarization, and with environmental consciousness at the forefront, there would be commonwealth for all. (The VOTE piece of our Proposal feeds into this perfectly.)

You created Facebook and have forged it into a world phenomenon and now have the opportunity to take it to an entirely different level of planetary service. There are but a few in that capacity and you may be at the top.

Sending you respectful congratulations, and hoping for a productive meeting soon, I salute you,

Ashley and Gang