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A Manifesto

Photo: Ammit Jack. Source:

Photo: Ammit Jack. Source:


THE JAGUAR PLAN: an all-species manifesto


The Jaguar Plan is a project designed to save Earth’s dying eco-systems by decimating First World consumption, thereby seriously slowing the murderous effects of pollutions, and Earth devastations.

Designed by ex-philanthropic conservation vets of the environmental wars, despairing of any meaningful movement beyond saving a woodpecker or exporting drilling from a favored area to the next site, The Plan intends to utilize two books, a website, a Hollywood blockbuster movie, an independent video and a grassroots, Everyperson, energy to educate global populace: of the need for impending Change, the brainwashed conditioning we have all undergone, and the true state of the Earth’s attacked and dying systems: soil, air, water and soul.

It intends to achieve this via an incision into the soft, white underbelly of the corporations which manipulate us – a strike at the only thing they cannot control with their vast billions, their media, their omnipresent commercials, their exportation of  “The American Way”, their stranglehold on governments and educational institutions, and their de facto alliance with organized religion…… individual consciousness.

We do this through a Revolution – Ego Revolution, and it is about time – the much maligned and hugely catered to Ego inventing such an intricate, nefarious system to sustain itself, and……falsely, as it turns out.

So. Can a radical consciousness be purveyed, ascertained……adopted with a few words?

This poor pen’s sharings may be momentous and of extreme interest and value to all – at the same time it goes against many solidly ensconced fundamentals of human civilization.

How to begin is a daunting, on a good day, question.

Still, still our beloved Mother Earth is undergoing murderous onslaughts by her two-legged many millioned minions, and – while it may be a good show – we choose to not watch passively. Especially when there is so much fun to be had in the offing.

tiger water

Photographer: Tim Flack,

Fun? Well yes, though this is serious, deadly serious, it is fostered and nurtured by a released sense of enjoyment, and even appreciation (there is ever so much going on in the other-than-physical realms!)

So, fun? Yup – Ego Revolution, designed as a participant-easy rebellion game, able to cross cultural and societal and ideological boundaries at a single bound, appeals to the true care, and even love, we have for Life, this revolution in joining, via Fun, the hands of all conscious and caring beings, will help create a sense of Oneness, so crucial for evolution.

And it is free, non-polluting and of great interest and import.

Plus, there are dividends as the following considerations that are pieces of the consciousness needed for healthy Change offer much food for contemplation and discussion:

Photo: Suzanne Van Dalsen. Source: NG Traveler Photo Contest

Photo: Suzanne Van Dalsen. Source: NG Traveler Photo Contest

Ego Revolution. But something is graspable and potentially agreeable to the many; that excess, show-off, consumption is killing Mother Earth, and she is abed, dying a sad death while her beloveds rampage over her body in their $100,000 Hummers, expecting the Have Hummer-Nots to swoon with respect and envy, and to just open our legs wide with adoring glee as they foul our air and glide past on their way to their second homes abuzz with electronic devices, or to their important lunches, or to screw their best friend’s wife.

Ego Revolution – because they drive these uncomfortable, un-economic beasts, and have not yet mentated their way past kindergarten show and tell. Our problem is that we have doted on these dudes – we actually want to be like them, some of us. But no longer, because, like the Emperor’s clothes, they are now exposed for all the world to see in their pathetic, if puerile, desperation, trying to garner love with material – but in the process doing un-pardonable, un-sustainable damage to Ma……. enough!


Photo: Ross Hoddinott. Source:

Do they have a “right” to do this? Sure – on paper. We human beings, other than the native species long ago and faraway, have never been too interested in investigating Universal Laws, much less adhering to them. News is that un-sustainable behavior will not be…….sustained, see? Rather obvious, but hey, the idea here is to have fun.


Remember the Viet Nam War? As twenty year olds, we had great fun, with our sit ins – our mini Revolution – protesting against our elected representatives as they killed things; boys, jungles, elephants, respects and ideals. Well, the durn SUV’s etc are killing our air. Look, will you ever have a Hummer, the car, and would you even ever want one at 10% of a million bucks? That Hummer owner is killing your mother, give him the WARP sign (see video)…..quick!

For the revoltees (and the revolting), it is probably not so much fun, but this one is so long overdue and so obvious that many, many will join the peacefully prankish ranks and nobody’s head needs to roll. And, hey – we don’t mean to just give the finger to Suburban Utility Vehicles and stretch limos.

In time we will graduate on to other symbols of excess un-essential consumption. In fact the Hummers are already on their way out, they are so very silly. And so are many other consumption items; starter castles, fashion “statements”, cruise ships, reality mimicking cameras, and the endless supply of baubles and bangles each with its own un taxed component of Earth pollution.

Here’s some really good news for you mild-fingered successors to the old Monkey Wrench Gang; a number of years ago someone in Aspen started a disdain movement against fur coat wearers, and it worked like crazy! A number of fingerings, a couple of posters, OK, probably the old rotten egg or two, and…….voila, not a single fur coat appeared on the streets of Aspen. AND, its effect is still going on.



What happened? 


Well, these poor fur coaters probably had never considered how many precious lives they were sporting on their bodies – they certainly didn’t hunt out and wring each little cute squirming furry neck. No, they were into the knee jerk consumption mode of spending Bob’s cash on a status item so that what? So that people would like them and consider them powerful and privileged  and…….better.

Well, turns out that they are not better. OK, never mind the judgment…..turns out that they were not loved and envied.

No, they were scorned and reviled – just the gol-darned opposite effect they were seeking.

Off went the coats – sales of wool and down went up.

Kids, we are gonna do the same thing with them fancy Hummers (and we are not stopping there).

Ego Revolution is a Ghandi-esque movement. Give that middle finger joyously, with a happy smile on your face. Anger is not appropriate, nor is it the way of grace or effectiveness in this coming world of Change.

They will get the message and their resistance will not be strong as they see their neighbors , and their neighbors’ children, cheerfully disdaining their unconsciously criminal behaviors and consumptions. 


Photographer: Lennette Newell. Source:

Now, for this to work Worldwide, it needs dissemination.

Revolutions are great fun for the revolters.

For the revoltees (and the revolting), it is probably not so much fun, but this one is so long overdue and so obvious that many, many will join the peacefully prankish ranks and nobody’s head needs to roll. And, hey – we don’t mean to just give the finger to the Hummers.

In time we will graduate on to other symbols of excess un-essential consumption. We just want to get started on those nifty Hummers as they are so rampantly sticking it to Mother Earth, and they are so very silly.

Us Yankees and other First Worlders, embarrassed by the un-hearted excess rampant in our land, raise a middle finger to the offending parties, saluting our individual vote for Earth care and world peace.

We are sorry to be associated with such a warmongering leadership and are as disgusted with them as are our Earth neighbors who increasingly, and with reason, disdain us.

It is to them, and indeed all of Earth’s innocent species that we dedicate this revolution.

We are a little late, we were temporarily fooled, but we will now unite as a grassroots, Everyperson, voice to Change.


Please join us.


For now, just get started and enlist your friends to get on it……time’s-a-wasting.

The Jaguar Plan is on the prowl and will be doing all it can to boost your efforts.

How? Good question.



JAGUAR GIRL. A Love Story With Mother Earth, is published and available on the website, This is an all ages, reader easy, little book about a young gal from Patagonia who goes forth to San Francisco to save beloved lands threatened by insensate corporate greed. In the process, the land seduces the CEO who re-unites with his college sweetie, a fervent environmentalist, and they walk off into the happy sunset together chatting about Natural Capitalism and how Earth care can actually enhance the old bottom line.


HOLLYWOOD CHALLENGE. Gauntlet is thrown down to Hollywood, arguably the world’s most powerful player, in terms of psychology and dissemination, to produce their version of Jaguar Girl, and compete with our home grown movie version. Votes will be tallied on the website and the loser pays half of profits to the Earth organization of the winner’s choice. We feel that, with the guarantee of vast and free PR, many a Hollywood entity would, Goliathlike, stoop to pick up our happy challenge. (BTW – we will make a far more interesting movie at a hundredth of the cost, with environmental concern at the forefront along with establishing an entirely new form of visual entertainment.)


CONSCIOUS CINEMA FESTIVAL. To be held yearly in Patagonia, celebrating independent films of consciousness, love, adventure, metaphysical movement etc……and fun.


This site will evolve into an interactive meeting place with views and sharings of global interest and an active chat room plus Perfect News – action central for the Revolution.



THE JAGUAR PLAN. With the forum generated from the above, we will then release The Jaguar Plan, a dramatic movie describing how the starlet of Jaguar Girl returns to Patagonia to escape the vapidity of her vast fame and to further the enticing enlightenments she encountered with Tio Perfecto, wild mountain wise man. The global corporations are beside themselves because sales are plummeting of their “precious”, non-essential products due to Jaguar Girl and Ego Revolution. They send down a Tom Cruisian psyche super marauder to “turn” her (they can’t kill her, though they would like to, because then she would be a martyr). BUT, guess what, she turns him, as she shares the true creation enjoyment energies of peaceful and powerful Nature.

Earth 1 : Corps 0.


THE CHANGE. What of this? Perhaps, no not perhaps, this IS the biggest energy event of pan Galactic importance, on Earth for the last many million years (get ready). What form will it take? Not known, as it is a kinetic compendium of forces, forming itself as it goes.

We can take guesses: wars, a super virus, a piece of the sky falling, tech fry, Earth shrugs and vents……or wondrous combinations thereof. Is it necessary? Is it “good”? Unsustainable behavior will be corrected. Good? From a cosmic vantage…..of course. From a chaotic view…..could be baddish for the unprepared.

Ego Revolution is offered as a little piece of the puzzle and could un-employ some Hummer folk, etc (watch out for the “etc”). We have heard that institutions will experience extreme dis-function and that technology may be revealed for what it is; corporate tools for increased surveillance and manipulation of human subjects while masquerading as fancy and cute and labor saving beneficial necessities. In ANY event, acute Change is upon us. The Jaguar Plan offers the following by way of a preparedness tool.


Photographer: Gunther Wegner. Source:




Presiders Camp, but briefly described here, is a concept wherein every nation on Earth sends 4 of their best and brightest to a four year Governance University, where they will learn how to Govern the Earth, working together with their student peers. An unlimited budget, contributed from “defense” budgets – but a tiny percentage, will assure that professors and many guest lecturers will be of top quality. As they grow together and learn and work and play together, that same energy will contribute to making an entirely new world operationally as boundaries and wars and griefs and strifes will be addressed with proposed peaceful settlements, which is what an overwhelming majority of people on the Earth want in their little hearts. These graduates will then stand for election, having shared with the citizens the World platform via books published yearly and disseminated for free, as well as eBooks and television sharings. There is a campus targeted in the mountains of Northern Patagonia for this effort.


Photographer: Mark Smith. Source:

The first step in the launch of The Jaguar Ambassadors Gang; J.A.G., plan is this here article, published as widely as possible.

The next step is to invite writers, both amateurs and pros, to come down and conduct interviews for more in-depth understandings of The Plan and then to publish as they will.  The intention of this PR is to garner Ego Revolutionists as well as the attention, and response, of Hollywood, and to serve as a preparedness tool.

We will then launch the Jaguar Ambassadors Gang from our base in Argentina. Composed initially of Latins, it will soon spread to grassroots peoples worldwide and will be the main purveyors of Ego Revolution.

Perchance you are an aware individual, sensitive to the plight of your Home as she suffers the killing pollutions of consumptions. Now you have something to join to show that you care.

A revolution of the Ego!


The time is now..

Photographer: Sergey Gorshkov. Source:

Photographer: Sergey Gorshkov. Source:

Maybe you are an average guy setting forth to acquire those shiny baubles that so dazzle like a line of enticing “things” hung above the cradle, just out of reach of your chubby, baby-fat hands. Please understand that you have been conditioned to produce and consume with no regard to the sanity of such behavior and that it will not make you happy. Any in-depth look at the “Haves” reveals endemic lack of ease and often a slow suicide.

There is just time to choose “being” over “doing”……just barely time to prepare.

But do so, please, from a sense of adventure and appreciation.

This will lead to new understandings of Creation and the enjoyment thereof, as openings and enlightenments evolve.


This is why you are here.