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Jaguar Girl- The Movie

Jaguar Girl – Treatment

jag1Jaguar Girl – a Love Story With Mother Earth, with its engaging story lines, the revolutionary aspects of the IVE (Interactive Viewing Event), and the international competition, has the potential to be not only the most important movie ever made to raise Earth Rescue awareness, but also to be the largest grossing movie ever.

It encompasses many love stories; Tawney’s love of her land, of her self sufficient family, of her pet condor and jaguar, of Marco a top goal polo player, and of Tio Perfecto. And Walter’s lifelong love of Stephanie and hers for him, so rudely shattered by the twin barrels of responsibility and dis ease, to finally be re-birthed in the mountains of the Patagonian Andes.

And it is surrounded with adventure, fun, growth, awareness, evolution and enjoyment with scenes including vast wilderness lands, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, and the polo crowd.

Profits from this project are all pledged to JAG  – Jaguar Ambassadors Gang, a 501-c-3 organization dedicated to Earth Rescue. A challenge will be issued to all the world’s cinematic industries to do their version of Jaguar Girl with online voting to determine the favorite which will receive 10% of participants income as a donation to the environmental organization of their choice. The PR around this multi-year event will be immense, and will guarantee box office success for each participant, as it will for the relevant organizations dedicated to helping the planet survive.

The Interactive Viewing Event will be the venue for our “homemade” movie. It will be shown in world capitals in a club like setting with drinks, snacks and conversation flowing before the showing, which will alternate between individual monitors and big screens for both a surround feel and one of intimacy. There will be dancing at intermission – a seamless segue as the characters in the film are dancing, and then after the movie interaction time will be supported and encouraged. This will be an entire revolutionary way of viewing and will become the new norm. Showings will be twice a day, at lunch and dinner time, and will run much like a Broadway show, and viewers will return for other experiences and interactions as well as to enjoy the show and its many aspects of entertainment and growth.

Here is the synopsis; Tawny lives with her family on a remote estancia in the Argentine Patagonia, deep in the high Andes where we witness their self sufficiency as they garden, orchard, fish, milk, gather honey and feast on their organic meats. Water turbines provide electricity and everyone has a favorite specialty; dairy, leather work, building with adobes and timber from the land etc. We see the love the family shares including learning and enjoying time with Tio Perfecto, a high country cave dweller who escaped from the First World, having given away his millions to begin a life of enjoyment, contemplation and nurturing Tawny and her sister. His wisdoms are also shared with the audience especially via a guided meditation near the end of the movie which the audience is invited to participate in.


Walter is heir to the family multi-national company. He is at Harvard and in the deepest, sweetest love with Stephanie who is studying environmental responsibility while he is engrossed in business and finance. A strange nerve disorder invades his life and is cited as the reason that his family insists that he cannot remain with Stephanie as her fame is growing as an outspoken activist. The lovers are devastated, truly so.

Walter moves to San Francisco where he heads the company while taking care of his dwindling energy as the disease continues its rude inroads into his body. He misses Stephanie with all his heart, but the Responsibility of his position prevents him from acting on his love.

He agrees to the board’s proposal to send down an exploitation team to take advantage of a 99 year lease on mountain lands in Argentina; mining, timbering, and clearing forest land for agriculture.

Mike Eye, very funny man, heads up the survey team and shoots Tawny’s condor from his helicopter, she races through the forest to confront him and learns of the company’s plans for exploitation. She talks to Marco on the estancia radio and he urges her to come with him to California to deal with the company, as he is going to play in a celebrity charitable polo tournament there. She has never been so far away from home, never been on a plane or to a big city, but agrees and off she goes. (Think Crocodile Dundee energy here; she is lavishly lovely, devastatingly fresh, and absolutely energized, dressed in leathers, feathers and woven wool.)


Stephanie’s organization is the one putting on the tournament. There Tawny learns about her shattered but ongoing love for Walter and also gets hints as how to “seduce” him to come to Argentina. So she gets him to  go to the beach, to a Three Stooges retro movie and then go disco dancing (Intermission), as he becomes infatuated with her beauty, allure, energy and fun.

They fly down in the corporate jet, and go first to relax at Tawny’s estancia where Walter experiences a revival of his childhood love for Nature while also seeing the happiness involved in the near self sufficient simplicity practiced by the family – he begins to heal. Though he is too old for Tawny, he remains taken by her and just enjoys being around her energy.

Then comes the time for them to ride to check out the company project. Topping a ridge they come upon a scene of absolute destruction; bulldozers tearing up the ground, trees tumbled together and smoking brush fires. Walter is jolted out of his new found composure as he experiences this warzone which he has produced,  and demands Mike Eye to immediately cease all operations.

They then all go up to the high mountains where Tio Perfecto appears. Long story short, Walter has an enlightenment during the guided meditation and then understands from Marco that there is a new movement entailing Natural Capitalism that cares for the land – the resource base, while still producing profits for shareholders. He has a further revelation about working with Stephanie to change the direction of the company into environmental responsibility and then grasps the understanding that he is still deeply and truly in love with her, when Tawny reveals to him that it is the same way for Stephanie.

As we view and share their heartmending reunion we see them walking off holding hands and discussing how they can not only work together but have a life together.

Mike Eye and Tio Perfecto also get it on, sharing cigars, chats and new found companionship melding in the business side of Mike with the Creation Enjoyment choices of Tio.

Marcos and Tawny smile upon each other as their love story continues at an even higher level.

This movie is about enduring love – for family, for friends, for lovers and for the land and her denizens. Viewers will be in a venue where personal life change is invited in via the revelations experienced and the meditation.


Capitalism and corporate responsibility have to change or Earth’s eco systems will continue to succumb to the pollutions produced. There is nothing more essential on Earth at this time than that we curb consumptions so that our planet, our only Home, can begin to heal….so that our children’s’ children will enjoy some portion of the natural diversity that we are so graced with. This movie will be the purveyor, in a fun and engaging and exciting manner, of this news – it will change not only a number of people’s personal lives but the way that business evolves into a understanding of environmental responsibility to forestall extinctions and to love our lands, our Home.