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J.A.G. Jobs:

Environmental and Species Protection and Preservation

By: Ralph Lee Hopkins. Source:

By: Ralph Lee Hopkins. Source:

J.A.G. offers job opportunities to help us help the Planet and her other species.

We need Wild Spirit Parade Facilitators, which is a paid position, and then we need any number of volunteers to effect Wild Spirit Parades (W.S.P.) in your communities. These worldwide volunteers can also earn compensation by retaining half the monies raised by sponsorship from businesses and individuals in the communities.

It is easy, fun, productive and fulfilling to act as a local Enabler of these Wild Spirit Parades, which are detailed on this site. An Enabler need not even contact us and are free to craft their W.S.P. in their community as they see fit.  We recommend that these are produced on a yearly basis much like the Earth Day celebrations. And please consider producing a video for our video contest.

Applicants for the Wild Spirit Parade Facilitators, are asked to send in their application, stating why they feel they are qualified to manage the worldwide W.S.P. Campaigns.  Part of the responsibilities are  enlisting and recruiting local community W.S.P. Event Coordinators.  Please include a recent picture and details as to how you would manage this campaign.

Thanks and VAMOS!

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