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Howdy new friends!  You are visiting the one site on the entire internet with a revolutionary movement to effect Earth Rescue.  It is time, Planet Earth needs our help, we have a well developed process to literally Change the World!  We are a 501 (c) 3, non-profit foundation.  This site holds all the details and listes the steps, to hopefully engage your attention, care, further reading, and action;

1) Wild Spirit Parades; (W.S.P.) – engaging children to get their parents and teachers involved in an awareness event – fun and educational and way important.

2) Ego Revolution – finally, a disdainment campaign against symbols of excess consumption whose poisons are killing eco systems and innocent species = worldwide unity to no longer applaud “criminal” behavior.

3) Books – written to heighten Creation Enjoyment and promote healing simplicity –

4) Post Change – V.O.T.E. – an online referendum for everyperson to dictate to our elected governors how WE want them to legislate and behave.

5) P.O.W.E.R. – a university for educating future leaders from every country to govern with commonwealth, environmental responsibility (sustainability), and peace at the forefront of a new world order.

Please read on, please get involved. Please.
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People, we know how many great “causes” there are with their hands out, so we doubly appreciate any energy you can send our way. We believe that we truly do have the means to Change the World and to make a difference in saving some species from extinction. With your help we can do it better – faster.  Thank you so much!

We are a 501 (c) 3, non-profit foundation, which means that your gift is tax deductible. Please be advised that you can easily pay your donation with any major credit card, or by using Paypal.

Photo: Ammit Jack. Source:

Photo: Ammit Jack. Source:


to Jaguar Ambassadors Gang (J.A.G.), featuring Wild Spirit Parades and Ego Revolution.

We appreciate your visit and sincerely hope you will engage with the energies shared herein:                   for not only are our neighbor species under attack and threatened with extinction, but our only real home, Mother Earth, is struggling to endure our poisons!  Her ecosystems are signaling failures that will have dire consequences for ALL of us.

As such, the Gang is assuming an ambassadorial role—to speak up for them and to defend them from … us.

We have built artificial habitats and can subsist in the most extreme climate conditions, so maybe we don’t pay much attention to desertification, rising sea levels, droughts and floods. But all the other animal species are out there in the beautiful, albeit deteriorating, natural world and not as adaptable to these new patterns.

The really good news? The way is full of meaning, of community action, of import, and of fun, as positivity is at the forefront creating an entirely new way to experience life on Earth.

We are here with dedicated positive energy and with some real teeth to help our fellow beings, believing it is the right of every entity to Enjoy the Creation harmlessly.

OK, there is a big bullet to bite, but better sooner than later.


J.A.G.; via its Wild Spirit Parades, invites  children, their teachers and parents, to use their imaginations and play!  Be apart of the Gang, create imaginative solutions, while sharing understandings of the species that are under attack and indeed the entire eco systems which support life on Earth.  As such, this is an effective and fun awareness campaign which also aids community cohesiveness and facilitates fresh Earth Rescue initiatives!   

Photo: Tim Allen. Source:

Photo: Tim Allen. Source:

We are the Jaguar Ambassadors Gang (J.A.G.) – standing up for all our brother and sister species on Planet Earth who have no representation and therefore cannot defend their homes and habitat from the hideous assaults of the consuming nations of homo sapiens.

We hear their cries as they slink into their sylvan lairs to peer out in disgust and fear as our bulldozers and chainsaws destroy their homes and, often, their babies. We feel for them as acid rain falls, as noxious winds surround, and as their waters are polluted and fouled. We refer to all plant and animal species, as the onslaught of homo sapiens encompasses all of life on Earth, threatening not only quality of life, but delivering extinction to tens of species daily.

J.A.G. is a unified One Planet grassroots movement to represent all other species on Planet Earth as they suffer these attacks, and the killing moods of homo sapiens.

We are here to have fun and to share that fun, believing that it is the right of every entity to Enjoy the Creation.

It is not fair or fun that one species should destroy, through unconscious domination, the habitat and health and homes and enjoyment of all other species.

It is the pollution of consumption that is harming all eco-systems so we are moving against the consuming nations – starting with the United States which produces 25% of the Earth’s pollution.

Join up!

Photographer: Unknown. Source:

Photographer: Unknown. Source:

Just How Bad Is It? – Test Yourself

The truth, supported by undeniable fact, is that it is worse – far worse, than you probably know. In a nutshell; pollutions produced by human beings have wrecked havoc on eco-systems and have not only brought Mother Earth to her knees, but have triggered irreversible damage which will seriously affect life quality for hundreds of years.

Irreversible? Yup. Even if we shut down all our factories, turn off all our motors, cancel all military ops, cease to burn coal etc, i.e. stop every bit of our horrid murdering of our Home, nasty factors are at play which will present to our grandchildren, and their grandchildren a vastly changed Earth.

But, even though we are late, and the news is dire, here at J.A.G. we want to do all we can to effect some Earth Rescue.

Please read the following list of Earth woes and open yourself to the understanding that it is our consumptive behavior which has produced this insane situation. And then please, pretty please, join us in our efforts to at least amelioraeg the irreversible.

The following is a compilation from Bill McKidden’s astounding book, Eaarth – a must read for everyone still breathing. (warning, the following content contains material dangerous for folk with heart conditions.)

It is perfectly understandable; that our emissions of CO2 have caused climate change, global warming, air, water, and soil pollution. But did you know that some of the effects of this include;

By the year 2100 the ocean’s coral reef will be dead, and some say 2050 –( tomorrow.)

Glaciers are melting at unprecedented speeds, spelling out death by thirst for a billion people. (Dying of thirst is not pleasant.)

33,000,000 acres of forest in British Columbia, are killed by beetles who no longer die off as winters are too warm. Colorado has its millions of acres of standing dead spruce trees. (Waiting for lightning.)

Half of Australia is in serious drought. (Calls for a drink, mate!)

In Bolivia an ages old glacier melted, melted, melted and is now totally gone. (Glaciers are very important.)

Oceans are 30% more acid – one of the many drastic effects is that oyster larvae are experiencing 80% mortality. (Think of describing to your grandchildren what it is like to pop an oyster into your mouth.)

Look out – here comes “Murder by Methane” – methane gas is galloping into our lives. Rising temperatures are not only melting Artic ice, which replaces a benign white reflector with dark heat collectors, but as permafrost gives up, methane gas is unlocked and released with nefarious effect. Scientists have found areas where the gas is literally boiling up – concentrations a hundred times more than normal.  This process, set in motion by us – the pollutions of our incessant consumptions – is irreversible. (Absolutely unstoppable.)

As the Artic melts havoc is wrecked upon phytoplankton – the crucial nutrient base on which marine life depends. Our grandkid’s tuna melt is going to cost a hundred bucks. And most likely be farm raised.

As waters warm, weird things happen along with decimating nutrient sources. For example in the Sea of Japan there are now 500,000,000 monster jellyfish – seven feet in diameter. (Swim, anyone?)

Had enough? The book goes on and on – some really scary news, all supported with scientific fact, and very well presented, and even with some hopeful energies at the end.

So. Did you know it was anywhere near this bad? Could it make a difference to you as you consider your next purchase, the setting on your thermostat, or your drive across town? Hope so.

J.A.G. is the only operation with effective teeth to sink into the heart of our consumerism, combined with a fun movement which is building a proactive, aware, and turned on global community. We cannot afford to wait any longer.  VAMOS!