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BYNNY – Buy Yourself Nothing New Year

Welcome to the energy of BYNNY.

Newsflash—there is a severe problem on planet Earth. Poisons from our pollutions are ravaging precious ecosystems and murdering one species after another.

Ho hum. NO hum.

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]wildlife_nature_04[/custom_frame_left] WAKE UP! Among the many dire consequences, and they are myriad and way scary, there is one that really has me bothered; in less than 50 years the oceans’ corral reefs will all have expired. OK, so they are the nutrient base for marine life, so we can forget wild seafood for a couple of centuries, but I am a diver and have spent some of my best moments on Earth … underwater. Apparently our CO2 emissions have already condemned the reefs to death as irreversible doom is underway, but but but – well, we at BYNNY want to do what we can to begin to make sense of life on Earth – to rescue what we can from the maws of our insatiable consumptions.

So do a BYNNY. Be a BYNNY. It is pretty simple; as every purchase of a new item carries with it a pollution footprint and contributes to eco-cide, we just stop buying new things. And we make it an adventure – we make it not just personally satisfying, we make it fun and we make it a communal energy which will spread across the entire planet and help to foster more of a One World feeling across old boundaries.

Guidelines for your BYNNY? Don’t need any. YOU choose how you will conduct your consumptive behavior, but we can offer some hints; get used items at consignment and thrift stores, participate in asset sharing societies, repair and recycle, do without, simplify, downsize, bicycle, walk and dance more. Eat less, madam.

So choose a date to begin your BYNNY: New Year’s Day, your birthday, tomorrow … today! Then begin the adventure. Team up with others to share assets and explorations and experiences. Keep a log and consider entering our contest of writing up your Year and sharing it on the site. We, at J.A.G., will continue to post ideas that come our way, so stay tuned.