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Prize- $1,000 and a weeks vacation at Estancia Ranquilco (

Dates- now until December 31st 2015


Buy Yourself Nothing New Year! Yes, for a WHOLE year!
Every purchase of a new material good (clothes, cars, phones etc) carries with it a pollution footprint and contributes to harming our earth. We are challenging you to buy nothing new this year and in fun and creative ways do more with less! Let it be shopping at a thrift store, recycling, planting a garden, we want you to show us how you spent the year! Which is why we are offering $1,000 and a free week vacation at Estancia Ranquilco in Patagonia, Argentina ( to the person who best exemplifies BYNNY. This can be through text, video, pictures get creative and let’s do it!

How to submit- email all submissions and questions to