Proposal to Funders

Welcome to an invitation to be supporters of a World Changing energy about to evolve on Earth.

Applause and salutations to you and your organization, that you care to dedicate time and money to provide help that is so sorely needed at this momentous time in the history of human”kind”.

My BOD will not allow me to lead with happy hyperbole – proclaiming that we have the solution underway to cure most, if not all, of the challenges upon the planet, so I will invite you to see for yourselves. We are very excited for the potential in this movement we are nurturing. Our prime targets are disarmament (total), climate stabilization, well being for all beings, species and environmental protection, along with all manner of improvements to our stewardship of this oh so wonderful planet we are graced with.

We are JAG (Jaguar Ambassadors Gang), a Colorado 501-c-3 foundation dedicated to Earth Rescue. We started years ago addressing eco system destroying pollutions via child education focused on curtailing costly parental and societal consumptions.

As part of our vision we developed facets of a new governance movement where students from every nation would study responsible global governance together as bonded and pledged presiders. The name of the University, proposed to exist on a re-purposed army base in the Argentine Patagonia, is UPNOW U (United Peoples University – One World). The movement includes VOTE (Voice of Today’s Everyperson) which is an outreach program designed to communicate with all the world’s citizenry, not only why their lives will be bettered significantly with UPNOW grads in presider positions, but also to serve as an absolute democratic facility for then informing the governors how the people want them to legislate.

Entailed in our movement is P.O.W.E.R – originally named Presiders’ One World Earth Rescue and just recently renamed UPNOW U (United Peoples Network – One World University). This is our global governance model which we have expanded upon thanks to the generous caring of Mr. Laszlo Szombatfalvy, a Swedish philanthropist, and his Global Challenges Prize – $5,000,000 for the best new governance models. UPNOW, together with VOTE (Voice of Today’s Everyperson) has a very good chance getting ​attention and then acclaim from Sweden and then going on to being an established and functioning global governance entity, addressing and curing the dire challenges on the Planet. (Please see the POWER Entry, attached, to discover our unique, doable, global governance model.)

A brief summary of UPNOW U; every country will send four of their best and brightest to our proposed lovely campus in the Argentine Patagonia where they will bond together and study global governance over 3 years with the best teachers in the world under a pledge to then work together, as a One World governing partnership, to bring about World Peace along with all the other improvements possible when leaders work towards the same goals, bypassing national boundaries to represent the Everyperson. It will work because of the outreach of VOTE, which will inundate all the world’s people with the news that these UPNOW U graduates will vastly improve conditions on the planet. As such they will be guaranteed election into top presider roles.

We are a tiny team of dedicated conservationists and caring individuals. My main partner, Sally Ranney, and I bring a combined 75 years of care and service to this movement. I founded Island Press and Island Foundation in 1977, for example, and Sally’s accomplishments would take up many pages. I have nurtured and supported JAG over the last several years to the tune of $400,000 shallow pocketed contributions and now seek help to take us to the next level.

Whereas we would love to be considered for an immediate grant, we are herein also proposing that you consider a matching grant to what we might win in Sweden in May, 2018.

Please consider matching our prize money, or also doubling, quadrupling or, going the other way, halving or quartering the amount. For example if we win $1,000,000, your organization, if it pledged 2X would donate $2,000,000 to JAG. Conversely if you pledged one-half you would donate $500,000. (note; the prize payout to the finalists will be determined in May by a panel of judges – our anticipation is to receive some pleasant percentage.)

Our immediate use of funds includes bringing onboard additional team members to continue our outreach energy plus commencing efforts to secure the campus in Patagonia and recruiting our Chancellor and various teachers and facilitators. Launching VOTE, for example, will require at least ten million dollars – something of this size and value does not come cheaply, but we are confidant that our model, and what it can deliver in terms of World Change, will be valued dearly and well supported.

Thanking you in advance for any consideration you might care to provide, and standing by for any follow up necessary. A full proposal and budget will be provided upon request.

Ashley K. Carrithers

Pledge to Match Our Swedish Winnings


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